Blast cabinet BLOWMATIC

COOLMASTER Trockeneisstrahlgerät CM100 und BLOWMATIC Strahlkabine

Technical cleanliness
in additive manufacturing

With the blast cabinet BLOWMATIC and COOLMASTER® an efficient, manual cleaning and deburring of small parts is possible. The user grasps the sensitive parts and the blasting nozzle of the COOLMASTER® via integrated arm cuffs and gloves.

Sealed off in the cabin, the parts are gently cleaned with dry ice without blasting agent residues or particle contamination. Cleaning and gentle removal of support materials.

Surfaces of sensitive components such as injection molds and 3D printing parts up to CNC milling, turning and grinding parts can be quickly cleaned and reworked.

Optimal for surface treatment of workpieces with dimensions of width 500 x depth 400 x height 250 mm.

Compact and space-saving on 2m² with the mobile COOLMASTER® the solution for technical cleanliness without surface damage in your production.

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3D-printing components:

Injection-moulding tool:


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Spritzgusswerkzeug voher


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Gentle cleaning

Without any abrasive residues or particle contamination. Environmentally friendly cleaning without water or chemicals.

Precise manual cleaning

Sensitive components can be cleaned with dry ice via integrated arm sleeves and gloves.


Easy and precise workpiece deburring of 3D-printing workpieces.

Technical Data:

Basic equipment:

  • Front flap door supported by gas-pressure cylinders can be opened up to the working height of the micro blasting equipment, with integrated inspection window with a safety and an attrition-proof glass (double glass) in a quick change frame
  • Cabin lighting
  • Manual, hydraulic adjustment of height (maintenance-free)
  • 2-feet system with built-in rollers, moveable, can be locked manually
  • Working grate made of perforated plate, two-piece, detachable, diameter of holes 5 mm
  • Padded sleeves and gloves, exchangeable
  • Holding device for microblasting gun with swinging arm for COOLMASTER® nozzles height 115 mm, swiveling range 275 mm
  • Ventilator for high surface microfilter unit, electronically continuously variable
  • Foot actuated switch with impulse contact
  • Compressed-air connection, 1/4” G, at equipment, including oil and water separator
  • Control panel with all necessary switches and control elements
  • Key-operated switch, on / off, with 2 keys
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Hose package for COOLMASTER® with foot switch:

Blowmatic schlauchpaket coolmaster