COOLMASTER flexible, robust and suitable for industrial use

Wouldn‘t you prefer a solution that is clean?

A solution that is clean for the environment.
Because it’s free of chemicals, without residues or toxic pollutants.

A solution clean and easy for machine use.
Thoroughly industry compatible: easier, faster and more effective cleaning, with no need to dismantle machines.

A solution that effectively cleans surfaces.
Workpieces and surfaces are gently cleaned.

With COOLMASTER® you clean with dry ice and dissolve dirt literally into thin air.

Whether in the plastics industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology or many more – Cleaning with COOLMASTER® is the innovative cleaning method that leaves nothing to be desired: precise, highly efficient and health-friendly. Even with heavy contamination like oils, greases, coatings or paints our portable and low-noise dry ice blasting system sets new standards.

Ready for use anytime

COOLMASTER® removes dirt within a few minutes, even during operation. Use your most valuable resource – the working hours of your employees – more efficiently than ever.


The COOLMASTER® is compact, lightweight and flexible.
The extensive range of nozzle accessories is versatile and optimized for a wide variety of cleaning requirements.


COOLMASTER® is equipped with an innovative grinding system.
It grinds dry ice pellets as needed between 0.2 and 3 mm. It takes
one touch and the optimum grain size is set.


Cleaning without chemicals, water and abrasive residues.
This protects the environment and ensures a healthy working environment for your employees.

The COOLMASTER® convinces

with his ergonomic and modern design and sets new standards with quality and performance.

The possible applications are nearly limitless because you can remove even the most persistent substances such as greases, oils, adhesives, food residues or paint effortlessly and hygienically.

COOLMASTER Trockeneisstrahlgerät CM100 mit Lieferumfang

An excerpt of our enthusiastic customers

There, the COOLMASTER® is already in daily use:

Customer testimonials:

What pleases us most: our customers say that working with the COOLMASTER® is not only exciting, but also fun – no matter how unattractive the cleaning job.

Letting classic cars shine while sustaining their material and worth without damaging the patina is only possible with dry ice cleaning.

Jürgen Haack

Oldtimer Technik Haack

Removing the dirt layer by layer – the most gentle method for cleaning wood without damaging the wood fiber.


Renovation under monument protection

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