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Optional accessories for the COOLMASTER®

Our COOLMASTER® dry ice blasting unit comes with all you need for a perfect start and daily operation.
We offer additional accessories for challenging cleaning projects, so you always remain flexible:
  • Various nozzles
  • Nozzle case variations
  • Hose packages
  • Dry ice boxes
  • and other useful accessories
  • Spare parts
  • Software package for automation solutions and much more…

If you need help in choosing the right accessories or have questions about compressed air systems, pelletizers for dry ice production and automation – we will be happy to support you.

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Nozzles for every demand

All our nozzles are made of metal, which makes them particularly high-quality and durable. We have different shapes in our range for different requirements. The wide nozzles are ideal for cleaning large surfaces, while the small curved nozzles are perfect for hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to the practical pipe extensions, even hard-to-reach areas can be easily blasted with dry ice. Simply screw the extension to the blasting gun and then attach the nozzle.

  • Fine jet nozzles (in two different lengths, straight and angled)
  • Flat jet nozzles (in various widths, straight and angled)
  • Round nozzles (in various diameters)
  • Flex nozzles (flexibly bendable)
  • Pipe extensions (extensions from 10 cm up to 1 m, straight and curved)
  • Adapters

Nozzle cases in several variations

There are five different versions to choose from, each with different equipment. From fully equipped to partially equipped, there is something for every need.

It is particularly practical that all cases are equipped with identical storage shelves, which provide space for the various nozzles and pipe extensions. In this way, you can buy additional nozzles later and store them safely in the case.

Of course, we also offer the nozzle case as an unequipped version so that you can assemble your equipment according to your needs.

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Hose packages

Hose packages for the COOLMASTER®

  • Hose with blasting gun (3m and 6m)
  • Hose extension (3m and 6m)
  • Compressed air hoses (in various lengths)

Of course, you can also obtain hose packages from us to match our BLOWMATIC extraction system and our ROBOTIC automation:

  • Blasting hose
  • Quick coupling set
  • Cable set

Dry ice box

Our dry ice box with extra thick insulation keeps the dry ice fresh for longer and enables safe transportation. Filling weight 30kg dry ice pellets.

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and many more useful accessories:

  • Dry ice shovel in two sizes
  • Work safety package
  • Grounding cable
  • pressure regulator
  • Hose spanner
  • Spare parts