Optional accessories for the COOLMASTER®

Upon request, individual accessories are available like:

  • Various nozzles
  • Nozzle case variations
  • Hose packages
  • Dry ice boxes
  • and other useful accessories
  • Spare parts
  • Software package for automation solutions and much more…

We would also be happy to advise you about Compressed Air Systems as well as Pelletizers for the production of dry ice and the possibilities of using COOLMASTER® in the field of Automation

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Nozzles for every demand

A wide range of nozzles:

  • Fine blast nozzles
  • Flat blast nozzles
  • Round nozzles
  • Flex nozzles
  • Tube extensions
  • Adapter

Nozzle cases in several variations

Available in five different versions, tailored to your application.

The nozzle case is of course also available unequipped.

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Hose packages

Hose packages for the COOLMASTER®

  • with and without blasting pistol
  • in various lengths

Of course we also offer hose packages adapted to our BLOWMATIC extraction system and our ROBOTIC automation:

  • Blasting hose
  • Quick coupling set
  • Cable set

Dry ice box

Boxes of special foam, with extra strong insulation keep your dry ice fresh.

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and many more useful accessories:

  • Dry ice shovel in two sizes
  • Work safety package
  • Grounding cable
  • pressure regulator
  • Hose spanner
  • Spare parts