An excerpt of our enthusiastic customers

What pleases us the most: our customers say that working with COOLMASTER® is not only amazing but also fun – no matter how unattractive the cleaning job may be.

It’s just fascinating. Only the dissolved surface contamination remains. Sweep and you’re done.


Metal industry

Tested and convinced – bought it instantly. The time saving I have now is priceless.

Managing Director

Repair and cleaning services

Cleaning with COOLMASTER® is fun, no scrubbing, just blasting and everything is like new.


Car preparation


HaDo International GmbH was founded in 2015 by Harald Hartmann and Alexander Dohm.  With 35 years of experience in mechanical engineering, electronics and automation we developed our dry ice blasting machine COOLMASTER® – 100% made in Germany.

Our vision was to design a machine that could clean almost anything from airplanes to microelectronics with dry ice. Our top priorities were a reliable machine, flexible functionality, modern design and manufacturing in Germany.

Our COOLMASTER® Competence and training centre with development, sales, service, logistics and assembly is located in the Technology Park Tübingen-Reutlingen (TTR) in Baden-Württemberg. Sales and advice are provided by selected specialized dealers as well as directly by us.


Why is the COOLMASTER® so unique?

Thanks to the adjustable grinding degree, you can produce ice particles of various sizes. It is light, manoeuvrable and ergonomic. Completely free of chemicals, it offers the most environmentally friendly cleaning for people and nature.

Countries in use
Dry ice per hour
flexible dry ice particles from 0,2 – 3 mm
the lightest of its kind

About us

Our team is like our dry ice blasting machine. Small but powerful.

A family business that is competent in every position. We are the imaginative developer and technician. The expert in all aspects of the COOLMASTER® on the road for our customers. The two creative minds for graphics and advertising. The all-rounder in the workshop and in the office. Our good soul who supports us in any matter. The perfect organizer and a friendly voice for making appointments.

It is natural for us that we move forward together and with each other. That’ s why our working days are also fun.


Harald Hartmann

CEO / Sales Manager

Alexander Dohm

Head of Technology and Development



Assistant of the management



Graphic Design / Marketing

Christina Schwingenschlögl

Graphic Design / Marketing

Elke Stephanek

Office Management / Appointment Planning

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