Dry ice blasting system

Ready for use any time, robust and powerful

With the help of dry ice, the COOLMASTER® is able to powerfully and effectively clean even the most sensitive surfaces and hard to reach areas. It works gentle enough not to cause any damage.

The cleaning is dry and leaves no traces of water or washing liquid. Dissolved dirt can be easily disposed of after cleaning.

With a weight of only 36 kg, the COOLMASTER® is an extremely compact mobile helper. The operation is intuitive, the menu navigation simple. Programs and settings can be customized and automation solutions can be added.

Scope of delievery:

  • Dry Ice Blasting Machine CM100
  • Blasting gun including 3m hose
  • 5m compressed air hose
  • 5m grounding cable including clamp
  • Nozzle set (1x at, 2x round),
  • PPE set (safety goggles, etc.),
  • Ice shovels large and small

Cleaning with COOLMASTER® makes all the difference

Cleaning without additives

Residues not only put a strain on the environment but also on the people who work with them. Additional chemicals require additional steps, financial as well as in the form of physical work.

Cleaning without downtime

Machine downtime is a nightmare for any production. Flexible and mobile, you can reach every part of your machine. Cleaning with COOLMASTER® can be done during running operation, saving your time.

Cleaning without damage

Many workpieces and surfaces have to be cleaned gently. If they get damaged your benefit is gone. Cleaning with COOLMASTER® is not abrasive and increases the lifespan of your workpieces.

Technical data:

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