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Printing industry

Printing industry Cleaning all types of printing machines as well as screen printing rollers … without chemicals, water and time-consuming machine downtimes. Easy operationThe dry ice quantity, compressed air and…
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Car preparation

Car preparation Heavily soiled engines, body parts, engine components and car interiors? Sensitive or difficult to clean surfaces? Meet these demands with our dry ice blasting system COOLMASTER® Easy operationThe…
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Automation Robotic automation, part-automation: clean or deburr your STL and injection moulded parts effectively and extremely gentle with our dry ice blasting system.  Easy operationThe dry ice quantity, compressed air…
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Industrial cleaning & restoration

Industrial cleaning & restoration For mold elimination, renovation of old buildings and post-fire restoration, as well as for graffiti removal, you can use our dry ice blasting system flexibly. Industrial…
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Aviation industry

Aviation industry With one device and cleaning procedure against dirty turbines, engine parts, avionics and interior equipment? This is possible with our dry ice blasting system. Easy operationThe dry ice…
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Food industry

Food industry Grinders, filling systems and baking lines are some of the hard-to-reach and quickly soiling places in the food industry. Hygienic cleanliness is absolutely essential in this area, our…
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Metal industry

Metal industry Machines, plants, casting moulds and tools can be cleaned time-saving during operation. Easy operationThe dry ice quantity, compressed air and particle size can be easily adjusted via the…
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Electronics & energy industry

Electronics & energy industry Cleaning without humidity, without surface damage? This is possible with dry ice: switch cabinets, printed circuit boards, soldering systems, electric motors, electrical components and much more.…
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Plastics industry

Plastics industry Moulds and machines can be cleaned directly during operation, no cooling-down of machines and tools required. Deburr your moulded parts with dry ice. deburr_before_afterpen-form-before-afterrelease-agent-remove-before-afterrelease-agent-remove-two-before-afterstrahlen-kunststofformstrahlen-kunststofformzweiApplications in the plastics industry…